Planning During a Pandemic: Part Two

Classroom Pedagogy

The last time I posted I was hugely overwhelmed by the recent lockdown and scrabbling about trying to find a personal and profession pattern to live by. As Twitter buzzes with opinions on lifting restrictions, I have been thinking about how things have progressed since then so here are a few thoughts.

I know I am in a position of privilege on pretty much every level, but it has been hard. Juggling two full time jobs in this house and a toddler has not always brought out the best in anyone living here. But we have found a pattern and a way to muddle along together and ride the emotional peaks and troughs.

When thinking about a blog post I thought about the ‘upskilling’ I have had to do in order to support my students. I can be reluctant to take the plunge with new things when I haven’t really thought about their potential. I am guilty of overthinking. The pandemic has certainly forced my hand. Google Classroom is now my main tool, I can see so much more potential in it and hope I can develop its power once I return to school. I use Loom to set lessons up for Key Stage 4 and 4, I use Google Meet to talk to colleagues and host meetings. I am exploring Soundtrap for composition, Music First for supporting learning. I have played my flute several times rehearsing for a school project. I have joined the National Music Teacher’s Association and started listening to some of their podcast series. I am contributing to a collaborative blog instigated by Steven Berryman called (Re) Learning How to Teach Music in the Secondary School. I am in quite exalted company there, but am very much enjoying the connectivity and time to reflect.

So I was wondering, has this period of bizarre lockdown accidentally become the best CPD I have ever had?


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