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I have seen a few other educators doing their #summer10 plans for the holidays so thought I’d share my own to kick start the break.

Rest – First on my agenda is making some time to rest. After and exhausting summer term that seemed to be relentlessly busy I am looking forward to drinking hot cups of tea, sleeping in a little, spending time with friends and family and recharging the batteries completely.

Proms 2015 – I bought my Proms guide a while ago and have already enjoyed some cracking music. I am off to the RAH next week and have my concerts set to record many on BBC4. It is the best possible timing for a feast of music!

Blog – In the summer term I completely neglected my blog. I became a twitter-lurker too, reading and not engaging. With the extra time in the summer I plan to give my blog a boost and engage more with other music educators from whom I have learnt so much over the last year. This goes hand in hand with the next item on my list.

Reflect – Having time to reflect is valuable and this will be the starting point for my work this summer. Coming out of a busy year the summer break provides a unique time to reflect on my department and learning schemes. This summer I want to reflect on assessment and Key Stage 4 provision in particular as well as the new years resolutions I made earlier in the academic year on this blog.

Plan – Planning is one of my favourite aspects of the job and I love crafting learning schemes and resources at a leisurely pace. Having time and space to do this often means my work is at its most creative. This summer I hope to plan for a number of classes at school plus this week I am working and collaborating on a new city-wide curriculum that is to be rolled out next year in Bristol.

Read – I love reading. Every term I promise I will read some fiction, but it falls by the wayside and I spend a long time limping through books and backtracking pages when I have left too long a gap. I already have a pile of books to work my way through and will enjoy some complete escapism.

Life MOT – Like many other teachers the summer break in particular is a chance to get things in order from car insurance to household jobs. This summer will see a new patio for our garden as well as a good declutter of the house.

Shaun In The City – I love living in Bristol and plan to make the most of what’s on over the summer including this fantastic charity trail. Shaun hunting is definitely high on the agenda for August!

Preparing the Decks – I am sure this will resonate with many music teachers, but I will be in school for a number of days getting things in order: getting the pianos tuning, refreshing displays, throwing away old headphones and sorting and re-stickering the shelves. There are many small pleasures in there, although that may just be me.

Happy holidays!


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