New Year’s Resolutions

Classroom Pedagogy

On Wednesday night I took part in the weekly #mufuchat and got to thinking about the fresh start I have before me in September. Despite the disappointment of the ending holiday break there is something quite exciting about the new academic year: new planner, new classes, fresh concert repertoire and meeting new colleagues and students. It presents itself as the perfect time to set some new year’s resolutions.

So here are mine, a positive way to start my new blog!

1. To keep singing at the heart of my classroom

I always start with good intentions, but I want to make sure my classes are singing weekly, from year 7 to 13. Whether singing a song together, singing a perfect cadence to  understand it or modelling ideas in composition I don’t want to forget to use this vital aural skill throughout my lessons.

2. Not not let exam board requirements dictate non-musical teaching

Too often I teach a year 12 set work with a lot of front heavy content without listening to it enough or appraise a student’s composition based on a strict criteria. If results are to be sustained and improved then I appreciate I cannot ignore the requirements, but I hope to manage them musically.

3. To use assessment to critique meaningful musical learning and not for assessments sake

Speaks for itself!

4. To encourage and inspire high quality listening in students of all ages

Sometimes I need to remember my responsibility to introduce children to the world of music. We are in a unique position as music teachers to show our students the masterpieces within our art. So just like an English teacher inspires keen readers, I want to inspire keen listeners. I hope to blog on this a little more soon.

I am hoping I can stick to these and use them as something to reflect on later in the coming term.

Happy New Year!


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